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When Virginie, creator of the brand Les fil-feuilles and member of the collective Tilt, contacted me earlier this spring, I was pretty excited about her proposition, since I was already following the activity of the collective on the social media.

Tilt is a group of about fifteen creators and artists based in Brittany.
Since 2014, they offer in their cute shop in Brest, unique pieces or small handmade series, original arts and multiples, along with works of invited creators.

Illustrations, paintings, restored furniture, decoration, jewelleries, clothes and accessories for adults and children, at Tilt’s, there are a thousand and one things to discover. The organization of the shop regularly changes as new creations arrive and you will be given a warm welcome. When I went there a few days ago, I met Émilie, Morwenna and Shantala and I hung up the first Cooper &co pennants while chatting with her and sipping a cup of tea. It sure was a very nice moment.


For Tilt, I created two new series of pennants : one little jungle bestiary developed in two associations of colors, plum & green and bright pink & ultramarine and a serie of Twin Peaks embroidered drawings.



With this bestiary, I embraced my love for patterns and plants : panthers, parrots, toucans and cockatoos stand out from the stencil-painted prints of monstera deliciosa and palm leaves while a line of embroidery finishes to reveal their profiles in this false camouflage effect.






The Cooper &co serie is built on the iconic sentences of Twin Peaks, but in the contrary of the Sweet Words, I wanted, this time, to also illustrate these quotes.
The first pennants are focused on two classics : Cooper and his love for coffee and the wonderful Margaret and her log.


First, I thought I was going to create a small serie but I got recently caught in a whirl of new designs that you may see right here.



And because one never changes, I could not help myself but add a little dash of Six feet under with the “Don’t bullshit the lady, cupcake” by the brilliant Robbie combined with two petunias as a reminder of Robbie’s and Ruth’s — the cupcake in this story — place of meeting and work.


The jungle bestiary, Cooper, Margaret and Robbie are in good company at Tilt’s and the first pennants of the Cooper &co serie will also arrive on IIWADD ! shop pretty soon.


Boutique Tilt
3 rue du Couëdic
29200 Brest


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