The truth is out there : six months special



Let’s carry on backwards the new category The Specials with the X Files tote bag, The truth is out there Special, created for the six months of IIWADD ! and the coming of summer.

I was a child when the show arrived in France and even if the episodes that marked me the most at the time, definitively have an Ed Wood’s touch and do not afraid me now — I am thinking about Quagmire for instance (season 3, episode 22) — I still keep myself away from air ducts after an episode with Eugene Tooms and the morbid atmosphere of Home (season 4, episode 2) staging the Peacock Family still gets me and always will.
Unlike the terrible adaptation of Stephen King’s It — aired on the French television at the same time — to which I also owe a few nightmares, I think that The X Files has globally aged well and even though the anarchical programming here in France and the nested plots made me stop following the show before the end, I am sure going to meet again with Mulder and Scully next week for the new season. (more…)

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Fisher & Co : nine months Special




Dears, now that you know about the “nine months + winter” giveaway, I would like to talk about the references I embroidered on this Six Feet Under bag and I have to say, I went a little crazy.

I love the show, I have watched it several times — I even started when it aired for the first time on french TV with the awful french voices — I always cry at the end despite the very strange Peter Jackson’s Hobbit hairs all the charachters seem to grow with age — which it is good by the way, because it brings some laugh in between tears.
I do not want to praise myself, but I am a very good, experimented and versatile crying person, I gave a lot of my tears to the Fisher Family and I did not wait the finale to do so; that being said, I dare anybody not to cry or at least feel emotional during the last episode.

So, because of my love for the show and for so many of its characters, I have had difficulties to choose between all the scenes I wanted to represent and I made very few cuts in my first selection.
Here are the references I could not not embroider : (more…)

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