Dears, now that you know about the “nine months + winter” giveaway, I would like to talk about the references I embroidered on this Six Feet Under bag and I have to say, I went a little crazy.

I love the show, I have watched it several times — I even started when it aired for the first time on french TV with the awful french voices — I always cry at the end despite the very strange Peter Jackson’s Hobbit hairs all the charachters seem to grow with age — which it is good by the way, because it brings some laugh in between tears.
I do not want to praise myself, but I am a very good, experimented and versatile crying person, I gave a lot of my tears to the Fisher Family and I did not wait the finale to do so; that being said, I dare anybody not to cry or at least feel emotional during the last episode.

So, because of my love for the show and for so many of its characters, I have had difficulties to choose between all the scenes I wanted to represent and I made very few cuts in my first selection.
Here are the references I could not not embroider :



It’s the most wonderful time of the year
(season 2, episode 8)

The episode opens in the Johnson’s house, Jesse has just seated to watch a football game, in his underpants, with a beer when Marilyn, his wife, passes through the living room and tells him that he is going to be late for work. He goes slip on his Santa costume, the two joke about it; they are very knowing, very tender.
Then Jesse rides his motorcycle to his seasonal job. He takes his eyes off the road to wave back at a bunch of kids waiting at a bus stop and gives them a loud “Ho ho ho” just before crashing on a truck at the crossroad.
His helmet rolls to the feet of the kids.
This is the story of Jesse Ray Johnson’s death.


The Plan
(season 2, episode 3)

Robbie and Ruth take a self-improvement seminar, The Plan, to learn how to be “the architect of their own lives, to rebuild the foundations of their houses and to start on new blueprints”. Yes, what a delightful program !
When Alma who conducts the seminar, asks Ruth to tell her “where her house needs repairs” Robbie encourages her to really share her true feelings with a “Don’t bullshit the lady, cupcake”.

Of course Ruth’s first response is that she has a “very nice house, very nice children, a nice job and a nice gentleman friend” but when Alma pushes her a little more, here is the brilliant answer she gives :
“Alright then, fuck this. Fuck you, fuck all of you and your sniveling self-pity, and fuck all your lousy parents. Fuck my lousy parents while were at it. Fuck my selfish, bohemian sister and her fucking bliss. Fuck my legless grandmother. Fuck my dead husband and my lousy children with their nasty little secrets. And fuck you Robbie for dragging me to this terrible place and not letting me have a snickers bar.”



An open book
(season 1, episode 5)

The first time we hear about Nathaniel and Isabel is when Brenda’s parents trap Nate to dinner. He arrives at the Chenowith’s, expecting to see Brenda and instead he spends the evening being analyzed by her psychiatrists of parents — Margaret explains that her daughter is the one who chose not to come while Brenda will say him later that she was not invited but did not tell him because she still wanted him to go and be over with the introduction to the parents.
Anyway, Nate spends an awkward but instructive evening with Margaret and Bernard, learning about Charlotte Light and Dark, a psychological study of a “scarily brilliant” young girl – Brenda – written by Dr Gareth Feinberg, a friend of the Chenowith.
He is also introduced to an important book for the Chenowith’s siblings, Nathaniel and Isabel.
Nathaniel and Isabel is a children book Bernard offered to Billy and Brenda when they were kids and the two were fascinated, identifying deeply with the characters. The story tells the misadventures of two orphans running away from a malevolent nurse. Margaret describes it as “a typical infantile wish-fulfilment” and Bernard adds that it is “quiet dark, people die in it all the time.”
It seems to be a miserabilist and perverse story which still has a place in their adult lives since they are tattooed after its characters : Brenda has the name Nathaniel on her lower back and Billy has Isabel at the same emplacement on his body.


A private life
(season 1, episode 12)

Since the beginning, Billy has trouble accepting the relation between Brenda and Nate, but now that he is out of the medication he takes to treat his manic depressive disorder, the situation gets worse.
After he put his own death on a performance only for Nate to see — Lucky, lucky Nate ! — after he stalked them on their trip to Las Vegas, broke into their hotel room and took pictures of them sleeping, Brenda decides that they need some time apart to figure out their own lives and think about their twisted relationship.
In Billy’s mind, this is all coming from Nathaniel and Isabel and he has found a way to fix the situation : he removes his tattoo with a knife and breaks in Brenda’s house to do the same for her.
Fortunately, Brenda handles the situation, but after this new episode, she takes the very difficult decision to have him committed.


Everyone leaves
(season 3, episode 10)

Brenda has returned to Los Angeles to say goodbye to her father. After his death, she stayed in town and moved in with Billy until she finds a place on her own.
An evening, while they are watching a cartoon adapted from Nathaniel and Isabel that Billy rented at the video store, he becomes more and more upset by the nonsense of the adaptation when Brenda is more shocked by the macabre atmosphere of the story.
But where she sees a bad cartoon, there is a deeper meaning for him : their dad gave them the book and now that he is dead, Nathaniel and Isabel is all that remains of him and of their childhood.
Brenda takes her brother in her arms, cuddles him and tries to calm him down, but between the Chenowith’s siblings, intimacy always comes with a weird tension and the shadow of incest is never too far away. This time is no exception : Billy tries to kiss her sister, saying he is in love with her and he can not fight it.
Brenda grabs her car keys and leaves.
It seems that living together was not such a good idea.


The eye inside
(season 3, episode 3)

Bettina and Ruth are shopping. Bettina is picking outfits for Ruth to try and even if she does not succeed to make her buy anything because “nothing is perfect which makes it easy to stay within a budget”, she sure initiates her to shoplifting. The lipstick Flirtation is Ruth’s loot.
Oh, I love these two so much !



The foot
(season 1, episode 3)

Claire’s boyfriend, Gabe, loves to have his toes sucked and it seems that he also loves blabbering or at least his friends do. One day after school, Claire finds her car tagged because of his gossips about her toe-sucking performance.
She was already seeing everybody as a moron and this is not helping to prove her otherwise.

One morning, she enters the embalming room to talk to Nate — we are at the beginning of the show and Nate is new to the job, he used to work in a food coop in Seattle before his father died. So, Nate is transferring Thomas Alfredo Romano’s body to the embalming table when the different parts of the corpse start slipping from the mortuary bag.
Thomas Alfredo Romano died in a work accident. He was cleaning the vat of an industrial dough mixer machine when his co-worker scared by a cockroach, lost his balance and accidentally pressed the on/off button of the machine activating the blades in the vat.

We do not see Claire took the foot at the moment, but then, a few scenes later, Federico realises that it is missing and begins to search for it with Nate and David. Ruth who does not know what they are looking for suggests to look under the bed, it is always where the missing things are. Well, not this time. This time it is on its way to be delivered in Gabe’s locker.

After answering the call from Claire’s school, Federico phones David to inform him : Claire is nowhere to be found, a police record has been filed and Gabe got rid of the foot and denies anything happened.
David is with Keith — his boyfriend he presents as his racket partner at the time — and Keith offers his help, he’s a cop, that what he does for a living to which David responds : “You find feet ?”

While Thomas Alfredo Romano’s viewing is happening, Claire and Keith are looking for the foot and Keith mechanically asks : “Describe it to me again… ” she answers : “It’s a foot”, a foot that at the end of the episode a dog will eventually find.



You never know
(season 3, episode 2)

Ruth and Bettina are helping Sarah to detoxe from Vicodin and have already found several of her stashes when Sarah tries to fool them with her little too urgent need to spice up the meal that she did not even want in the first place. Of course, Bettina forces her to stay in bed and to tell where the Vicodin is while Sarah struggles and gives her some sweet name.
Ruth remains silent, looking at her sister reprovingly but jumps pretty quickly in the battle when Bettina decides to tie Sarah up to her bed so Ruth and her may go outside to get some fresh air.
As Bettina and Ruth are leaving the room, the super angry, sweaty, tied, in withdrawal Sarah tells them these magical words : “I hope the coyotes eat you” to which Bettina responds : “So do I.”



Grinding the corn
(season 4, episode 9)

Nate is mourning Lisa, going through a period of sorrow and great guilt because of his ambivalent feelings for her and their marriage.
During one of his many nightmares, Lisa comes back to take something very personal with her, because ” being alone for all eternity sucks that you wouldn’t believe ” and so she decides that it should be their daughter Maya.
The scene takes place in the embalming room of the Fisher’s house and soon all the family is joining them. Ruth, Claire, David and Brenda have packed and David tells his brother : “Nate, you know what Dad used to say, we all have to go sometime”. That is the moment Nathaniel Sr chooses to make his entrance as Death Man which is a bit of a disappointment because he “wanted to be the Grim Reaper, but the folks at Marvel already had a copyright on it.”
Nonetheless, he is still here to take them all with him. Nate tries to run away which leads him to his wedding banquet where his corpse is the main course. Lisa, Nathaniel Sr and Yippie — Nate’s dog when he was a kid — are waiting for him to start the feast.



The dare
(season 4, episode 7)

The Fisher’s siblings, Maya and Claire’s friend Anita are sitting around the breakfast table when Nate starts singing a nursery rhyme Ruth used to sing to them. David and Claire join him to mime “the lonely little petunia in an onion patch” while Anita who does not know the song stares at them a little condescending.
Later in the episode during a dream — yes, in the show, a lot of things happen while sleeping — Nate’s subconscious, in the guise of Lisa in a petunia costume, throws onions at him to urge him to stop mourning her, stop “sleeping with the crazy ex” and start a new relationship.
The song is also played during the credits of the episode.


(season 1, episode 1)

The coconut cocktail is a reference to the first episode of the show. Nathaniel Sr attends his own funerals, wearing sandals, shorts, a hawaiian shirt and a hat. He is watching the scene, sitting on the hearse, smoking a cigarette and sipping a coconut cocktail embellished with a little umbrella. This is Claire’s vision of her father in death and he will always be wearing this long vacation outfit on their future meetings.




The tree, the lilys and the raven come from the opening credits of the show.

And of course, Claire’s beautiful avocado hearse had to be embroidered too and it gave its shape to the label and the little handmade pin that go with the tote.



Well Dears, you know all about the Fisher & Co Special now. I am just going to add that it comes in three versions : a first selection of those embroideries called The Grim Reaper, a second one, The Foot, and the complete model, The Grim Foot, presented in this post.
You may find them all in the Shop and until December 31st, you may try to win the Fisher & Co Special #1 on the Shop, on Tumblr and on the brand new Pinterest account as well.
I will announce the name of the happy winner in this post on the first of January.

Good luck !






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