The Greetings from Anne Bonny have been exhibited for the first time during the group show Anne Bonny (Toulouse, France, 2013).

They have been shown several times since.





Le maître d’armes déshabillé

Anne Bonny, born Cormac, grew up in Charleston, South Carolina, in the cotton plantation of her father, former prosecutor William Cormac.
She is known for her stormy temper that her life and the legend which surrounds it will certainly not deny. She learns the use of swords with a teacher. She would have undressed him in one movement during a fight; that is indeed what the rumor says.





Anne is familiar with taverns, buccaneers and pirates. Against the will of her father, she marries one of them, James Bonny.
William Cormac disinherits her daughter.
In retaliation for it, Anne sets on fire the Charleston plantation before leaving for New Providence with James.




Le Kraken

Landed in the Bahamas, James Bonny becomes one of governor Rogers’ informers. Anne, furious against him, decides to leave. She embraces the piracy and steals her first ship. Unfortunately, the adventure aboard Seahorse doesn’t last. The vessel is wrecked few weeks later. The rumor runs that it ended up into the Kraken’s jaws. Anne bonny is the only one to survive.




Bonny and Read

After the wreck of Seahorse, Anne happens to meet Pierre Bousquet and Calico Jack Rackham who becomes her lover. Together they steal Revenge and leave New Providence. Rackham’s former crew join them. Among the pirates is Mary Read. Bonny and Read quickly become inseparable, causing rumors, jealousy and tensions aboard Revenge.




Les derniers mots à Rackham

It doesn’t last long before The Royal Navy begins to chase Revenge. Bonny, Read and Rackham win many battles but in October 1720, they finally get captured by Captain Barnet’s fleet. To avoid being hang, Bonny and Read claim to be with child. The rest of the crew is sentenced to death. On the morning of his execution, Calico Jack asks to see Bonny.




A oy’ Bartholomew Roberts !

After few weeks in jail, Mary succumbs to the yellow plague. The night before Christmas, the governor of Jamaica reprieves prisoners. Anne is one of the lucky. She goes back to the piracy under the name of Bartholomew Roberts and takes over the wheel of Royal Fortune.





greetings-from-anne-bonny-coffret-edition-2014Greetings from Anne Bonny, 2014 edition

pierced set, 6 pop up and 3 appendices forms for the captions (in french or in english)
10 numbered copies

The pop up are also available individually on IIWADD ! Etsy shop.




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