The bestiary under the stars



Colorful and poetic, here are the eight first little flags from the Bestiary under the stars : the lion, the panther, the two coyotes, the buffalo, the giraffe, the bear and the elephant.
They are made of heavy cotton, sunflower yellow or rosewood pink, put on a wooden beech stick with a natural linen string. They are entirely hand embroidered, sewn and painted — and sawn and pierced.
They are also unique and numbered pieces. Read more ›

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Christine’s sis



Where I grew up, there is an excellent bakery that makes delicious mendiants, insane chocolate mille-feuilles, salted pies generously garnished with crystallized fruits and a fabulous cake with a dense yet soft pastry, filled with crystallized oranges and angelica and a fine meringue topping strewed with pine nuts… A delight.
Before I called the omnivorous nutrition into question, it was the obvious passage for gourmet moments.
The following recipe shares ressemblance with Christine, the fabulous crystallized fruits cake with a fine meringue topping and as all the recipes I share here, it is vegan.

For this respectful of the animals sis, you need : Read more ›

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The truth is out there : six months special



Let’s carry on backwards the new category The Specials with the X Files tote bag, The truth is out there Special, created for the six months of IIWADD ! and the coming of summer.

I was a child when the show arrived in France and even if the episodes that marked me the most at the time, definitively have an Ed Wood’s touch and do not afraid me now — I am thinking about Quagmire for instance (season 3, episode 22) — I still keep myself away from air ducts after an episode with Eugene Tooms and the morbid atmosphere of Home (season 4, episode 2) staging the Peacock Family still gets me and always will.
Unlike the terrible adaptation of Stephen King’s It — aired on the French television at the same time — to which I also owe a few nightmares, I think that The X Files has globally aged well and even though the anarchical programming here in France and the nested plots made me stop following the show before the end, I am sure going to meet again with Mulder and Scully next week for the new season. Read more ›

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