The colors of the cotton threads for the Sweet Words serie have been chosen according to the characters, their habits or elements of the scene to which the quote belong :

⋅ Sarah O’Connor often wears lavender clothes, Ruth Fisher is, at the beginning of the show, more a khaki, brown, beige kind of person and Robbie is a florist, so a light green seemed to be a good choice for him;

⋅ Al Swearengen lives in a camp where the shades of brown are everywhere, from the land to the frame houses, the dust and the whiskey the characters drink everyday;

⋅ Senator Clay Davis is often pissed off, I decided to embroider his favorite word in brick red. Bunk always has a cigare in his hand and with McNulty, they also appreciate whiskey, a light tobacco thread was a good color for the both;

⋅ one of the suitcases in the trunk of Josette’s car is fir green and navy checked;

⋅ as for Zissou’s quotes, well the coral tones are an allusion to Commandant Cousteau’s infamous love for dynamite in his very own approach of oceanography.

And now Dears, let me introduce you their embroidered Sweet Words :





Ruth and Bettina are helping Sarah to detoxe from Vicodin and have already found several of her stashes when Sarah tries to fool them with her little too urgent need to spice up the meal that she did not even want in the first place. Of course, Bettina forces her to stay in bed and to tell where the Vicodin is while Sarah struggles and gives her some sweet name. Ruth remains silent, looking at her sister reprovingly but jumps pretty quickly in the battle when Bettina decides to tie Sarah up to her bed so Ruth and her may go outside to get some fresh air. She’s even losing it a little bit when promising Sarah to break her arm if she resists. Crazy Ruthie moment !

As Bettina and Ruth leave the room, the super angry, sweaty, tied, in withdrawal Sarah tells them these magical words : “I hope the coyotes eat you” to which Bettina responds : “So do I”

The episode ends with Bettina and Ruth chilling in the hammock (Ruth’s first time) under the stars with white wine, a half Vicodin each and Ruth saying “It’s so peaceful out here” while Sarah is still screaming that she is dying, hates them and wants to kill them both. The image fades out and the credits are played on the sound of Sarah’s rales, Six feet under piano theme, crickets song and the beginning of a great duo, slightly high at the moment.




Robbie and Ruth take a self-improvement seminar called The Plan to learn how to be “the architect of their own lives, to rebuild the foundations of their houses and to start on new blueprints”. Yes quite a program !

When Alma who conducts the seminar, asks Ruth to tell her “where her house needs repairs” Robbie encourages her to really share her true feelings with a “Don’t bullshit the lady, cupcake”. Of course Ruth’s first response is that she has a “very nice house, very nice children, a nice job and a nice gentleman friend” but when Alma pushes her a little more, here what happens and Dears it is one of the best scenes of the show :




“Alright then, fuck this. Fuck you, fuck all of you and your sniveling self-pity, and fuck all your lousy parents. Fuck my lousy parents while were at it. Fuck my selfish, bohemian sister and her fucking bliss. Fuck my legless grandmother. Fuck my dead husband, and my lousy children with their nasty little secrets. And fuck you Robbie for dragging me to this terrible place and not letting me have a snickers bar.”







This wonderful sentence is from Al Swearengen to E B Farnum; one of the many exemples of the tender relation between the two and one great exemple of Al’s temper as well.

Al and E.B are discussing about Alma Garett and the progress of Al’s plan to steal the gold claim she has inherited from her husband — murdered by Dan on the same purpose — when E.B beats around the bush, implying that he is being used by his good friend in this plot against Alma. “Say what you’re gonna say or prepare for eternal fucking silence” is Al’s invitation for E.B to speak frankly.




Well, no episode in particular for this one because this is clearly Senator Clay Davis’ signature, sometimes imitated but never equaled.




bunk-moreland-mcnulty-the-wire-quotesMcNulty and Moreland are going over the Dierdre Kresson crime scene, previously investigated by police officers without finding much evidences to solve the case. While studying the room and retracing how the murder must have happened, Bunk and McNulty only use one word, offering us and the building manager who opened the apartment for them, a remarkable variation on the F-word, for about five minutes.

This scene is one of the most famous of the show and probably of all the crime scenes on TV too. We may see through it how good the two work together and how well they understand each other.





La vie est un long fleuve tranquille (Life is a long quiet river) is a French comedy by Etienne Chatiliez from 1988. The movie is about the switch of two newborns in a maternity clinic, on Christmas Eve and how the lives of the two families which have absolutely nothing in common until then, are impacted when the truth is told twelve years later. This embroidered quote is part of the revenge letter in which Josette reveales the exchange to Louis Mavial.

For years Josette was a nurse in Doctor Louis Mavial’s clinic and for years both had an affair. Louis always promised to leave his wife for Josette and Josette always believed him, until the day Louis’ wife died and he said to his mistress, at the funerals, that he will never replace her. This additional evidence of the truth works on Josette as the ultimate slap and she decides to go public with her secret. As Louis is reading the letter, we see Josette packing her car to leave town on these words :

“My poor Louis, ah you will never be able to replace her ? Your grief at the cemetery was heartbreaking and indeed this is a red-letter day : not only you have lost your dear spouse but also your job, your reputation, your life and I am going to crush you like a shit.”

She then blames him for the humiliations and the lies, for the aborted child and all the Christmas she spent alone, crying on the life he promises and never gives her. She speaks about a particular Christmas where he behaved like a jerk — meaning more than usual — that exact night she switched baby Groseille and baby Le Quesnoy in an moment of pure rage.
We go back to Louis, still seated in his living-room, more paralysed than seated in fact, only able to slowly but surely say : “That bitch… Ooohhh that bitch” for a long minute.




After having sailed in unprotected waters and suffered a pirate attack that has costed his life to one of the pirates plus the abduction of one of the crew members, the Zissou Team sends a distress call to which Alistair Hennessey responds.
Alistair is a rich and successful oceanographer who was married to Eleanor, Zissou’s wife and for all these reasons, he is Zissou’s nemesis — at the beginning of their mission to find the Jaguar shark, the Zissou Team even breaks in Alistair Hennessey’s lab and steals some equipments.
While the crew is busy shooting a scene — the funeral of the pirate — for its ongoing documentary, Hennessey’s boat comes alongside the Belafonte. “Holy shit son of a bitch, cut.” is Zissou’s reaction when he hears the siren and reads the name of his enemy on the side of the ship that comes to rescue them.



Captain Zissou asks Vladimir, the film music composer of the crew, to communicate an exploration mission to the dolphins of the Belafonte. Alas the dolphins don’t seem to care so much which irritates Zissou : “Son of a bitch, I’m sick of these dolphins.”


Well Dears, that’s it, you know all about those wonderful quotes now, as for me, I already want to embroider some other sweet words !




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