Vegan chocolate cake



What better way to welcome spring and to celebrate the first anniversary of If I were a Deer, Dears ! than with a delicious chocolate cake — because indeed, the chocolate is so wonderful that it is relevant to any celebration.
Exactly one year ago, I was launching IIWADD ! on Etsy and Tumblr while being on the lookout for the solar eclipse through the clouds. Thousands stitches of embroidery later, I am still as enthusiastic as I was then and the list of ideas is getting longer every day — the one of the recipes too.

For this so good and so quick to make cake, you need : (more…)

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Seaweed caviars


On a toast for breakfast or aperitif, to go with a salad or some pasta at lunch or diner, the seaweed caviar is one of my favorites. It quickly made its place through my eternal culinary passions, next to its buddy the hummus which also may be savored at every meals.

Here are three delicious variants (more…)

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Christine’s sis



Where I grew up, there is an excellent bakery that makes delicious mendiants, insane chocolate mille-feuilles, salted pies generously garnished with crystallized fruits and a fabulous cake with a dense yet soft pastry, filled with crystallized oranges and angelica and a fine meringue topping strewed with pine nuts… A delight.
Before I called the omnivorous nutrition into question, it was the obvious passage for gourmet moments.
The following recipe shares ressemblance with Christine, the fabulous crystallized fruits cake with a fine meringue topping and as all the recipes I share here, it is vegan.

For this respectful of the animals sis, you need : (more…)

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