Vegan chocolate cake



What better way to welcome spring and to celebrate the first anniversary of If I were a Deer, Dears ! than with a delicious chocolate cake — because indeed, the chocolate is so wonderful that it is relevant to any celebration.
Exactly one year ago, I was launching IIWADD ! on Etsy and Tumblr while being on the lookout for the solar eclipse through the clouds. Thousands stitches of embroidery later, I am still as enthusiastic as I was then and the list of ideas is getting longer every day — the one of the recipes too.

For this so good and so quick to make cake, you need : (more…)

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Christine’s sis



Where I grew up, there is an excellent bakery that makes delicious mendiants, insane chocolate mille-feuilles, salted pies generously garnished with crystallized fruits and a fabulous cake with a dense yet soft pastry, filled with crystallized oranges and angelica and a fine meringue topping strewed with pine nuts… A delight.
Before I called the omnivorous nutrition into question, it was the obvious passage for gourmet moments.
The following recipe shares ressemblance with Christine, the fabulous crystallized fruits cake with a fine meringue topping and as all the recipes I share here, it is vegan.

For this respectful of the animals sis, you need : (more…)

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Vegan banana bread




For this delicious banana bread, you need 15 minutes and : (more…)

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