Chickpea and dark chocolate biscuits recipe (vegan)



This recipe is one of my new culinary obsessions. The mix of the chickpeas and the dark chocolate happens to be insanely delicious and so perfect for a comforting afternoon snack with Fall slowly settling down.

These biscuits are quite nourishing, they made of chickpeas after all, but the batter may be kept in the fridge one or two days, so you may cook a batch when wanted and have the perfect conditions of tasting, which means when the biscuits are just cool down a little bit.

As often around here, this recipe is ridiculously easy and quick to cook; you will need 15 little minutes to make the biscuits and the double of time to bake them. If you use dried chickpeas, just remember to soak them the night before.

For about 30 of these delicious little things, you need : (more…)

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