Fisher & Co : nine months Special




Dears, now that you know about the “nine months + winter” giveaway, I would like to talk about the references I embroidered on this Six Feet Under bag and I have to say, I went a little crazy.

I love the show, I have watched it several times — I even started when it aired for the first time on french TV with the awful french voices — I always cry at the end despite the very strange Peter Jackson’s Hobbit hairs all the charachters seem to grow with age — which it is good by the way, because it brings some laugh in between tears.
I do not want to praise myself, but I am a very good, experimented and versatile crying person, I gave a lot of my tears to the Fisher Family and I did not wait the finale to do so; that being said, I dare anybody not to cry or at least feel emotional during the last episode.

So, because of my love for the show and for so many of its characters, I have had difficulties to choose between all the scenes I wanted to represent and I made very few cuts in my first selection.
Here are the references I could not not embroider : (more…)

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Six Feet Under international giveaway



Sooner this year, as summer and the first three months of IIWADD ! were approaching, I decided to celebrate with a special embroidered tote, to open a giveaway and to make it a sort of tradition.

Today, I am happy to pursue this little trimester tradition with the third “new three months + new season giveaway” and the Six Feet Under embroidery created for the occasion, because indeed Dears, on December 20th, it will be exactly nine months since I launched If I were a Deer, Dears ! on Etsy, plus it will be two days before the winter solstice. (more…)

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