Sweet Words



The colors of the cotton threads for the Sweet Words serie have been chosen according to the characters, their habits or elements of the scene to which the quote belong :

⋅ Sarah O’Connor often wears lavender clothes, Ruth Fisher is, at the beginning of the show, more a khaki, brown, beige kind of person and Robbie is a florist, so a light green seemed to be a good choice for him;

⋅ Al Swearengen lives in a camp where the shades of brown are everywhere, from the land to the frame houses, the dust and the whiskey the characters drink everyday;

⋅ Senator Clay Davis is often pissed off, I decided to embroider his favorite word in brick red. Bunk always has a cigare in his hand and with McNulty, they also appreciate whiskey, a light tobacco thread was a good color for the both;

⋅ one of the suitcases in the trunk of Josette’s car is fir green and navy checked;

⋅ as for Zissou’s quotes, well the coral tones are an allusion to Commandant Cousteau’s infamous love for dynamite in his very own approach of oceanography.

And now Dears, let me introduce you their embroidered Sweet Words : (more…)

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