I embroidered this red roses lady after the movie Le château de ma mère (My mother’s castle) based on Marcel Pagnol’s autobiographical novel about his childhood nearby Marseille.

This movie is a huge deal in my family, just like La gloire de mon père (My father’s glory), the adaptation of the book before Le château de ma mère.
When I was little, we used to watch it every year with my mom and my sister, during Christmas holiday.
We knew the dialogue by heart and from time to time, we still use them in our conversations.
We always cried at the end. A lot. And even if we only watched La gloire de mon père, we eventually had tears in our eyes, thinking of the end of Le château de ma mère. We simply could not dissociate the two.


When I decided to embroider this portrait of Augustine, Marcel Pagnol’s mother, as a gift for my mom, I searched for a picture from the epilogue to make a drawing of it. The one I chose led me to a video of the last five minutes of the movie and I ended up crying in front of my computer at 8:30 one morning.
Few days ago, I gave it to my mother and of course, she cried, so I joined her.
This is how deeply moving Le château de ma mère is and how gifted at crying we are.


During this holiday at my parent’s, on a shelf in my room, I found the novels I studied in primary school and I took them with me along with the promise to see the landscapes and the light of the region where I grew up while I will read them again.
These pictures don’t do it justice at all, but I wanted to end this truly family post with them anyway. I took the first one while we were on our way to watch vultures in Saint-May with my father and my brother and the second while on a little stroll nearby Suzette with my brother. The sky was all grey but the blooming cherry trees reminded us that spring has begun.
I had almost forgot how gorgeous Provence is.





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