On March 20th, If I were a Deer, Dears ! will be open for exactly one year and it will be the first day of spring. So Dears, here comes the one year anniversary / welcome spring international giveaway !

For the occasion, I decided to embroider three new pennants and let the happy winner choose his/her favorite.

This is the In Twin Peaks #15, the iconic sign of the town :


The truth is out there #6, the very famous poster from Mulder’s office :


and last but not least the Fisher & Co #1, the emblematic Fisher’s house and place of business :


I wanted this giveaway to be a sort of mix of the past ones but different of course, plus a little recap of the most popular embroideries of the Shop on this first year.

The TV shows in the spotlight for this anniversary are the ones from the first three giveaways and The Twin Peaks and X Files embroideries are two of the most liked creations, but this time I went for black and white instead of colours and I also switched support. As for the Six feet under pennant, well this one is all new, from support to design and it gave me the taste for architectural subjects and led me to the idea of a whole new serie — I am in the research phase right now, this is a lot of fun and excitement; I love this particular period of the process, when the idea never really leaves your mind and the list of potential designs keeps growing wildly.

But for now Dears, let’s go back to the Twin files under giveaway.
This is happening on the Shop, on Tumblr, on Facebook and on Pinterest as well.
Just follow the links to know all the details to enter.
You have until Tuesday 5th April to try your luck.
I will announce the name of the happy winner the day after that at the end of this post.

I wish you all the best of luck Dears !



Today is April 6, it is almost 18:00 here in France, so with a little advance, here is the result of the Twin files under giveaway.
The winner is a Facebook winner, she chose the In Twin Peaks #15 pennant, Christine Kibler, Dear, congratulations ! Please send me an email with your name and your complete shipping address at ifiwereadeer(at)hotmail(dot)com

Thanks to all of you for your many participations !




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